The transition to next generation standards in English Language Arts (ELA) and English Language Development (ELD) has created opportunities and challenges. In an effort to support teachers in providing students with appropriate, responsive instruction in ELD which is reflective of CCSS and new ELD standards, KCUSD is developing TK-5th grade ELD lessons which:

    • are planned from the many resources found in the new ELD standards

    • provide teachers job-embedded professional development in ELA and ELD standards and the ELA/ELD Framework

    • provide students more fluid and responsive instruction and with opportunities to read, write, and speak in meaningful ways while focusing on learning how English works

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Units include elements and routines for effective instruction for English learners

    • Language objectives/expressive tasks (oral and written)

    • Specific language targets

    • Inclusive and accountable communication

    • Productive student interactions

    • Sentence frames to guide oral fluency

    • Opportunities for form-focused feedback

  • Expressive vocabulary development